unsharptooth: Dance
unsharptooth: A mixture of landscape and wedding photography
unsharptooth: Old school look of a bridesmaid
unsharptooth: When I look at the sunset sky, so much I miss you
unsharptooth: I will find a 'more expanded version' of myself
unsharptooth: Gone with the wind
unsharptooth: Give even if a little
unsharptooth: Soundless
unsharptooth: Clouds and stars
unsharptooth: Angkor Wat carving of the king
unsharptooth: Moody temple
unsharptooth: Sunstar and clouds
unsharptooth: Airbus A320-216 9M-AQB of AirAsia in General Electric Livery
unsharptooth: Stillness
unsharptooth: Sunset after a long streak of cloudy days
unsharptooth: Phimeanakas Temple, north side
unsharptooth: Preparing a body to be put in the coffin
unsharptooth: Cascade
unsharptooth: Airbus A320-232 XU-353 of Cambodia Angkor Air flight K6809 landing at REP from SGN
unsharptooth: Airbus A319-112 XU-787 of Cambodia Airways flight KR804 taking off from REP to KOS
unsharptooth: Magnificence
unsharptooth: Airbus A320-232 HS-TXN of Thai Smile flight WE589 taking off from REP to BKK
unsharptooth: ATR 72-500 XU-235 of Cambodia Angkor Air flight K6131 taking off from REP to KOS
unsharptooth: Solemn
unsharptooth: Airbus A320-232 XU-356 of Cambodia Angkor Air flight K6945 taking off from REP to NNG
unsharptooth: Airbus A321-231 VN-A335 of Vietnam Airlines flight VN837 landing at REP from HAN
unsharptooth: Sunrise at Bakheng Temple
unsharptooth: Near to far
unsharptooth: Contrasting sunrise color
unsharptooth: Model in wedding dress