harrybobs58: Wait for me
harrybobs58: Tree hugging
harrybobs58: Styal woods
harrybobs58: Malham,
harrybobs58: Autumn colours,Alexandra Road
harrybobs58: Limestone Paving
harrybobs58: Canopy
harrybobs58: Sunbathing again
harrybobs58: Wax Cap
harrybobs58: Scarlet Wax Cap
harrybobs58: Christmas already?
harrybobs58: Cartmel Ian's walk
harrybobs58: I can see you
harrybobs58: Wall Fern
harrybobs58: Reflections And Shadows, Greenfield.
harrybobs58: Black and white
harrybobs58: Leaves in puddle
harrybobs58: Hello Gorgeous
harrybobs58: Under Water, Alexandra Park Whalley Range.
harrybobs58: I can see you
harrybobs58: Don't Mind Me.
harrybobs58: After The Storm. Derwent Water, Keswick
harrybobs58: Cat amongst the pidgeons
harrybobs58: Moss on Rocks
harrybobs58: Sunbathing
harrybobs58: Unique
harrybobs58: Logging
harrybobs58: Patterns 2
harrybobs58: Patterns
harrybobs58: All in a row