ludovicbecker: Far far far away
ludovicbecker: Girls power !!!
ludovicbecker: North pier - Le Havre
ludovicbecker: One night in London
ludovicbecker: Blue note
ludovicbecker: Shark for whom?
ludovicbecker: From zero to infinity - Porto
ludovicbecker: Help me... I'm famous
ludovicbecker: Jump... Jump!
ludovicbecker: Le Havre - France
ludovicbecker: Medallion - Dordogne
ludovicbecker: Cimetière de bateau
ludovicbecker: L'instant décisif
ludovicbecker: In Vino Veritas
ludovicbecker: Storm #2
ludovicbecker: Home sweet home
ludovicbecker: Devil from the Tropics
ludovicbecker: Papillon de nuit - Moth
ludovicbecker: Miss Van - Berlin
ludovicbecker: Kiss from Martinique
ludovicbecker: Cabanons - Le Havre
ludovicbecker: Points and Lines to Plane
ludovicbecker: On the road - Morocco
ludovicbecker: Fishing in Cinémascope
ludovicbecker: Three graces but still upset
ludovicbecker: Time to think or time to sleep?
ludovicbecker: Between us it's over
ludovicbecker: An angel passes
ludovicbecker: Cogs and gears