ludovicbecker: Balance & movement
ludovicbecker: Oh!!! What a beautiful blue - Périgueux
ludovicbecker: The late show - Normandy
ludovicbecker: Tonight on the bill
ludovicbecker: Flexion... Extension!
ludovicbecker: Puddle - Le Havre Normandy
ludovicbecker: To cut, cut, cut
ludovicbecker: Time to leave - Le Havre
ludovicbecker: Sunset Le Havre - Normandy
ludovicbecker: Time to leave - West indies
ludovicbecker: Seagulls
ludovicbecker: Deauville - Normandy - An afternoon
ludovicbecker: Castle - Cassis - France
ludovicbecker: Have a break - The reader
ludovicbecker: Rust and wreck
ludovicbecker: I'am watching you
ludovicbecker: It's party time
ludovicbecker: One cat - Le Havre
ludovicbecker: Follow the lines and ride the bicycle...
ludovicbecker: Rothko on a boat ?
ludovicbecker: The Runner - Le Havre Normandy
ludovicbecker: Postcard from London
ludovicbecker: Who benefits from the crime
ludovicbecker: Penance, perpetual movement or both ? - Etretat - Normandy
ludovicbecker: Ready ?
ludovicbecker: Hide, Hid, Hidden
ludovicbecker: Priority right ?
ludovicbecker: Misty morning
ludovicbecker: Monday morning feel so...