lfeng1014: Hog's Back Falls
lfeng1014: Snowing Outside
lfeng1014: Curtain-like Twin Falls
lfeng1014: Holiday Cactus
lfeng1014: Parliament Hill
lfeng1014: Vibrant Red
lfeng1014: Bridge to the Museum of History
lfeng1014: Shrimp plant
lfeng1014: Rocky Beach
lfeng1014: Like in Paradise
lfeng1014: Rushing Water
lfeng1014: Striking a Pose
lfeng1014: Percé Rock at Sunrise
lfeng1014: Pretty in Pink
lfeng1014: Water Falls in Montmagny
lfeng1014: Happy New Year!
lfeng1014: Aftermath
lfeng1014: Fairy Sunset
lfeng1014: Just in Time
lfeng1014: Rideau Canal Locks in Fall
lfeng1014: Pabineau Falls
lfeng1014: Let it Snow ...
lfeng1014: Reflection Pool
lfeng1014: Pointe-Au-Père Lighthouse
lfeng1014: Smooth Sailing
lfeng1014: Williams Falls
lfeng1014: First Snow
lfeng1014: Afloat
lfeng1014: Autumn at Mont-Tremblant Village
lfeng1014: The Waves