lfeng1014: Fading Beauty
lfeng1014: Winter Solitude
lfeng1014: Pastel Pink
lfeng1014: Predawn at Dwight Beach
lfeng1014: How Close It Can Get
lfeng1014: Between Heaven and Earth
lfeng1014: Optical Cube Prism
lfeng1014: Silent
lfeng1014: Pink Merging in Green
lfeng1014: Abandoned Barn
lfeng1014: Red and Wet
lfeng1014: New Year New Hope
lfeng1014: Happy New Year!
lfeng1014: Gold Charm
lfeng1014: Say Goodbye to Autumn
lfeng1014: Power and Wonder of Nature
lfeng1014: Ruffled White Cyclamen
lfeng1014: Bracebridge Falls in Autumn
lfeng1014: Fallen Ginkgo Leaves
lfeng1014: Upstream Rapids Horseshoe Falls
lfeng1014: A Crystal Bottle
lfeng1014: Morning Blue
lfeng1014: Five Snow Berries
lfeng1014: Backyard Visitor
lfeng1014: Fairytale Love Story
lfeng1014: Strolling Along the Autumn Path
lfeng1014: Mirrored
lfeng1014: Time to Call it a Day
lfeng1014: Pink Haze
lfeng1014: Autumn Forest