lfeng1014: Morning Light Reflections
lfeng1014: Pink Camellia
lfeng1014: Red-whiskered Bulbul
lfeng1014: Sunset Reflections
lfeng1014: Swan Pond
lfeng1014: Round and Round
lfeng1014: Orange Amaryllis
lfeng1014: Victoria Harbour at Night
lfeng1014: Bougainvillea
lfeng1014: Kissed by the Sun
lfeng1014: Looking Up To the Light
lfeng1014: Christmas Cactus
lfeng1014: Jet d'Eau
lfeng1014: Snapdragon
lfeng1014: Lauterbrunnen Valley
lfeng1014: Grey Crowned Crane
lfeng1014: Catching the Moment
lfeng1014: Victoria Crowned Pigeon
lfeng1014: In the Golden Light
lfeng1014: In the Morning Light
lfeng1014: Picturesque Old Town
lfeng1014: Autumn Arrived
lfeng1014: Spreuer Bridge
lfeng1014: Aerial View of Lucerne
lfeng1014: Windflower
lfeng1014: Natural Lighting
lfeng1014: Back in Time
lfeng1014: Golden Ginkgo
lfeng1014: Cloister
lfeng1014: Under the Dark Cloud