leo.roos: Unfrozen pond in a white meadow
leo.roos: Minolta colours
leo.roos: Auto Rokkor PF 1:1.4 f = 58mm
leo.roos: Getting ready for spring
leo.roos: Winter windows and walls
leo.roos: Sometimes in winter
leo.roos: Our roof
leo.roos: Eight miles high
leo.roos: Silhouettes on the dike
leo.roos: Diamonds at the soles of our shoes
leo.roos: Broken shadow
leo.roos: Pavement patterns
leo.roos: The gate is closed
leo.roos: Orchard rows in winter
leo.roos: On guard duty
leo.roos: Barrier
leo.roos: At the crossroads
leo.roos: You get my head spinning
leo.roos: Well positioned
leo.roos: Catch 22
leo.roos: I'm just sitting on a fence
leo.roos: Onion eaters
leo.roos: The long shadow of Dow Chemical
leo.roos: = kiss
leo.roos: Trying to keep warm
leo.roos: Blizzard in the harbour
leo.roos: Sturnus vulgaris
leo.roos: Snow loves patterns
leo.roos: Harbour sunset