leo.roos: On golden fields
leo.roos: Gone to seed
leo.roos: Fading fence
leo.roos: Energyscape
leo.roos: Spray cannon(s)
leo.roos: The artist's door
leo.roos: Endlessly entwined
leo.roos: 1 Beaufort
leo.roos: Art loving cyclists
leo.roos: Millet
leo.roos: Allium Scorodoprasum and aurora borealis
leo.roos: Zilte spindotter, 2021, Gusta Kullberg/Jeannette Ephräim
leo.roos: Another heart ripped out
leo.roos: OVET, sunkissed
leo.roos: The Sphere
leo.roos: Guards (en face), 2021, Janneke Rottier
leo.roos: Message in a bottle
leo.roos: Guards, 2021, Janneke Rottier
leo.roos: The gate is all but open
leo.roos: Waiting for the finishing touch
leo.roos: Agfa Movex 30B (16mm cine camera) with Agfa Symmetar 1:1.5 f = 2cm (1932)
leo.roos: Church windows
leo.roos: Wall and gate
leo.roos: Three curvy triangles
leo.roos: Building in Bokehistan
leo.roos: City Hall Terneuzen
leo.roos: Reuze Karel
leo.roos: Follow the track
leo.roos: Black white and orange