Mike Finkelstein: happy weekend -- 2018, a look back
Mike Finkelstein: passing by: 2017, a look back
Mike Finkelstein: happy weekend 😃
Mike Finkelstein: not-so-wild kingdom
Mike Finkelstein: solitude standing
Mike Finkelstein: happy weekend
Anna_Soffia: Þingvellir-7757-HDR-2
Greatoutdoorman: Centre stage
Chad Huff: A Clearing Storm
Julian Munilla Rio: Una gota IMG_4271
FegiR: Paragliding above Kandersteg
Bob Silver ☺: Morning Harry, Morning Larry.
John Hallam Images: Ploughed Fields in Shadow near Pienza - Tuscany 59
John Hallam Images: Woven Material or Ploughed Field near Pienza - Tuscany 60
German Vogel: Scootering in the Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China
DANIEL VAN LAUWE: sittelle torchepot
Jim Zenock: _MG_5355_DxO-1
Roar Frich Vangdal: An evening in Arendal
Geoff Whalan: White-Bellied Sea Eagle - South Alligator River, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia - Part 3
KaAuenwasser: Vor dem Aufblühen
kris__q: wall
Gekko2020: HOW MUCH ?
Thomas Hawk: My Heart Has Turned to Stone
concep1941: BLUE-WINGED TEAL