kevin-palmer: Glittering Golden Snow
kevin-palmer: Snowy Sunstar
kevin-palmer: Tracks Around the Cliff
kevin-palmer: Rime On Pine Needles
kevin-palmer: Ruts in the Snow
kevin-palmer: Bluebird Morning
kevin-palmer: Red Grade Spring
kevin-palmer: Just Above Snowline
kevin-palmer: Pre-Dawn Crescent
kevin-palmer: The Last Cloud
kevin-palmer: Deep Blue Powder
kevin-palmer: 7AM Shadows
kevin-palmer: Fading Blues
kevin-palmer: Leaving A Trail
kevin-palmer: Nichols Peak View
kevin-palmer: The Palisades
kevin-palmer: Grizzly Peak Lift
kevin-palmer: Forgotten Disaster
kevin-palmer: Highway 308
kevin-palmer: Overlooking Red Lodge
kevin-palmer: April Lenticular
kevin-palmer: FJ Cruiser Camping
kevin-palmer: Orion Over Rock Creek
kevin-palmer: Red Lodge Mountain Moon
kevin-palmer: West Fork Road
kevin-palmer: Lucky Break
kevin-palmer: Mountain Wave Sunset
kevin-palmer: Substorm Afterglow
kevin-palmer: Iridescent Sunset
kevin-palmer: Crumbling Overhang