justingreen19: Balcony Garden
justingreen19: Pétanque
justingreen19: Williamsburg 2014
justingreen19: Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower
justingreen19: Bank of America Tower
justingreen19: Sectioned
justingreen19: We're On A Roll !!!
justingreen19: Washington Square Park Musicians
justingreen19: 500 Fifth Avenue
justingreen19: Smooth Sailing
justingreen19: American Copper Buildings
justingreen19: Stereo Mickey
justingreen19: Rose III and The Trinity Building
justingreen19: Midtown Light
justingreen19: Grace Building
justingreen19: Constant
justingreen19: Nile Rodgers
justingreen19: Queensboro Bridge
justingreen19: Library Lion
justingreen19: New York Abrasion
justingreen19: Follow The Light
justingreen19: 56 Leonard Street
justingreen19: Photoautomat 12
justingreen19: World Clock
justingreen19: Berlin Pipes
justingreen19: It Was All A Dream
justingreen19: Double Crossed