jungle mama: Rose water lily with curly edge and surface tension bubbles
jungle mama: An extraordinary view... surface tension floats edges of pink and gold water lily on dark water
jungle mama: Lily pad, duckweed, surface tension and overarching shadows
jungle mama: Exhausted Bufo toad has blue glass water ring around its neck
jungle mama: Croaking Bufos mated all night and laid their gelatinous eggs on a pink Water Lily stem
jungle mama: Bufos mating after night of rain
jungle mama: Purple water lily and leaf surrounded by glassy surface tension
jungle mama: Morning sun highlights purple water lily in Founder's Pool
jungle mama: The shadowy reflective world of water lilies
jungle mama: Tiny flowers at the watery heart of a purple Bromeliad
jungle mama: Purple and gold water lily has glass ring about its neck
jungle mama: Elegant simplicity... a land leaf and a pond leaf
jungle mama: Wave patterns and reflections in a water filled red Plumeria blossom
jungle mama: Lily pads... green and mottled... surround hot pink water lily
jungle mama: Firey, gold centered, pink flame waterlily, ripples and shadows
jungle mama: Purple waterlilies reflect in black water
jungle mama: Silver water bubbles and purple water lily with rusty orange center