jungle mama: A mere shadow of me assessing Irma's mayhem
jungle mama: Irma snapped, lifted and launched my plant-adorned palm
jungle mama: Irma tore my palm out of the ground and tossed it on the garage, precious plants still attached
jungle mama: Courtyard palm was snapped off and tossed on our living room roof
jungle mama: The top of my Valentine Hoya entwined palm was snapped off by the wind
jungle mama: Bobcats and loaders are hauling my jungle away!
jungle mama: My 75 foot Ceiba near-missed my neighbor's house
jungle mama: Garden protection... Buddha sits on leaf covered bench
jungle mama: Serenity... jungle path, prayers flags and watchful Buddha
jungle mama: Jungle path and watchful beaded Buddha
jungle mama: Gentle breeze, gentle song
jungle mama: My house is under there somewhere!
jungle mama: The branches have been cut to reveal holes in roof
jungle mama: Alas, my 12 trunk Ficus is being cut apart and hauled away
jungle mama: The twisted remains of my sacred spicky Ceiba!
jungle mama: All that remains of my beloved overarching Ficus Tree
jungle mama: Giant root ball of my 75 foot Cieba waiting to be hauled away
jungle mama: My previously lovely Chinese gate is now in pieces
jungle mama: No more ficus, no more shade... my jungle is gone
jungle mama: Fortunately Ficus fell on double end wall
jungle mama: Our 12 trunk Ficus was upended by a tornado spawned by Hurricane Irma
jungle mama: Ficus trees send down aerial roots that fuse together to become trunks
jungle mama: All that's left of our Ceiba Tree are 42" diameter chunks
jungle mama: Red rootlets... tornado-torn Ficus trying to regrow
jungle mama: This Little Red Hen came tapping on my sliding glass door mid hurricane
jungle mama: Sawdust covered Ceiba trunk is already sprouting... life after Irma
jungle mama: What remains of my beloved 75 ft Ceiba Tree
jungle mama: Bright green stretch marks of fast growing Ceiba growing no more
jungle mama: The trees are gone so I am building a bamboo enclosure to give us privacy
jungle mama: Bamboo enclosure in place of our giant Ficus Tree