jungle mama: Everett shows his orchids up close
jungle mama: Everett's orchid seeds are now sprouting in a jar
jungle mama: Everett... the back gate at Fairchild
jungle mama: Everett's vegetables on display at the back gate
jungle mama: Everett's pride and joy... his home grown vegetables
jungle mama: Enjoying Everett's vegetables, orchids and stories
jungle mama: Blue and green Jasmine berries hang in the moist morning light
jungle mama: Curly edges, dappled light on Myrmecophilia grandiflora
jungle mama: Myrmecophilia grandiflora... curly edges, dappled light two
jungle mama: The mystery of orchids... Dendrobium hybrid
jungle mama: The mystery of orchids... purple veined Dendrobium
jungle mama: Brilliant hot pink pinwheel Periwinkle
jungle mama: Brilliant red Ochrosia elliptica seeds stand out against glossy leaves
jungle mama: Cluster of brilliant red Ochrosia elliptica seeds
jungle mama: Small blue purple Passion Fruit is ripening
jungle mama: Passion Fruit is ripening as tendrils still wrap stems
jungle mama: Crinkly, tissuey white flower Cordia cluster in morning sun
jungle mama: A wealth of knowledge... in Everett's garden
jungle mama: Succulent and cactus nursery in Everett's South Florida garden
jungle mama: Practical househouse solutions in Everett's garden
jungle mama: We're ready to share Everett's garden with you
jungle mama: Transparency and shadow of white Hoya carnosa
jungle mama: Velvety stars outside and glossy translucent red centered stars inside... Hoya carnosa
jungle mama: Umbrella-like white Hoya carnosa hangs in bright light
jungle mama: White Hoya carnosa is transparent in the morning light
jungle mama: Questions and answers in Everett's garden
jungle mama: Glorious spathe of Chinese Evergreen in Everetts garden
jungle mama: The look of knowing and loving his garden
jungle mama: Everett shares a lifetime of knowledge
jungle mama: Wide flat paths make wheelchair access easy in Everett's garden