jungle mama: A peak into the depths of gold centered purple and white water lily!
jungle mama: Light and shadow enliven my first purple and gold water lily blossom of the year!
jungle mama: Purple and gold water lily has glass ring about its neck
jungle mama: Blazing rose water lily floats on reflective pool
jungle mama: Regal deep red water lily, duckweed and shadowy reflection
jungle mama: Rose water lily, shadows and pads
jungle mama: Flaring pink water lily with gold center
jungle mama: Sparkling purple water lily is fully open
jungle mama: Nirvana... purple and white water lily with gold center
jungle mama: Purple, gold and shadow... a water lily in full bloom!
jungle mama: Golden throated water lily with shiny edged, mottled pads
jungle mama: Purple water lily and its shadow
jungle mama: Firey, gold centered, pink flame waterlily, ripples and shadows
jungle mama: An extraordinary view... surface tension floats edges of pink and gold water lily on dark water
jungle mama: New pink water lily is blooming at the foot of our waterfall
jungle mama: Green striped pink Water Lily bud is opening
jungle mama: Golden stamens of white water lily
jungle mama: Giant white water lily blooms at our waterfall
jungle mama: Pale lavender water lily with bright gold center
jungle mama: Deep pink Water Lily and its rusty golden stamen
jungle mama: Giant pink water lily has sprung up near our waterfall
jungle mama: Angular pond composition... purple water lily emerging
jungle mama: Purple water lilies and overhanging red brown leaves
jungle mama: Pale Purple Waterlily lifts above ruffly lily pads
jungle mama: Water lilies... flower, bud and amber underwater stems
jungle mama: Purple water lily and black reflection
jungle mama: Shadowy world of purple water lily bud rising on bright green stem
jungle mama: Purple water lily is now fully open!
jungle mama: Purple water lily with gold center
jungle mama: Purple water lily and leaf surrounded by glassy surface tension