jungle mama: Explosive Buttonbush flower and buds
jungle mama: The voluptuous curves of a pink Calla Lily
jungle mama: Hydra of the plant world... Tournefortia staminea
jungle mama: Victoria amazonica... structural details of edge and its reflections
jungle mama: The brilliant greens of fall... drying lotus pod
jungle mama: Composition... Lotus stems and drying seedpod
jungle mama: Uncarina stellulifera...Madagascan succulent with a beautiful flower and a very strange fruit!
jungle mama: Puffball Milkweed... strange, wonderful and it attracts Monarchs
jungle mama: Gomphocarpus physocarpus in bloom... and an outrageous puffball to follow!
jungle mama: Spanish Needles... from flower to pants-grabbing two-toothed prickers
jungle mama: Sunny red Chinese Hat Plant
jungle mama: Heliconia collinsiania... red, gold and shadow
jungle mama: Pink Begonia buds opening in the morning sun
jungle mama: Elegant cuplike fluorescent pink petals of Crown of Thorns
jungle mama: Intimate life of a Desert Rose... hairy filaments and deep rosy edges
jungle mama: Flowering kale just before Montreal's first frost
jungle mama: Flowering kale... layer upon layer upon layer
jungle mama: Cascading Palm seeds
jungle mama: Large still unfolded Sausage Tree bud and its pale green calyx
jungle mama: Rainbow Eucalyptus bark cracks and peels as it grows
jungle mama: Aberrant half red blossom of wet golden Ixora
jungle mama: No, it's not a dead raccoon. It's the carrion smell of a red Stinkhorn fungus
jungle mama: Hot Lips and its brilliant blue berries!
jungle mama: Artistry in the plant world... Rangoon Creeper
jungle mama: The magic of a simple hanging leaf!
jungle mama: Nature's composition: Pandanus blades float in Pandanus Lake at Fairchild
jungle mama: Owl butterfly sipping banana...color compatibility extraordinaire!
jungle mama: Shadows and reflections... floating leaves and water drops
jungle mama: Golden leaf hanging in mid air
jungle mama: A tropical tree with nosegays on its branches...Zuelania guidonia commonly called Turds. No kidding!