jungle mama: Caught in the act... Lubbers mating!
jungle mama: The embrace... Lubbers are mating and their shadows are mating too!
jungle mama: Gold, orange and red Lubbers are mating... lots more to come!
jungle mama: Face to face with a hungry Lubber
jungle mama: Lubbers are shedding from navy to gold!
jungle mama: The beauty of the friendly but highly destructive Lubber
jungle mama: Lubber confront... shiny black eyes, black dotted golden armor and segmented antennae!
jungle mama: Lubber's lament... oh no, another rainy day!
jungle mama: Golden Lubber gripping and chewing Crinum Leaf edges
jungle mama: Delicate balance! Golden Lubber holds onto the edge
jungle mama: Lubber peering out from dark into glowing sunlight!
jungle mama: Golden-armored Lubber has one foot in a puddle!
jungle mama: Lubber thought he was hiding from me!
jungle mama: Just out of its old skin... new Golden Lubber is staring at me!
jungle mama: Tis the season... more Lubbers are on the way!
jungle mama: The padded embrace of a Golden Lubber
jungle mama: The underside of a golden armored Lubber... love the black spikes!
jungle mama: Hello there! Golden Lubber climbing out to see me!
jungle mama: Climbing up behind the extraordinary navy, red and gold body of a Nymph Lubber!
jungle mama: Navy Lubbers eating their way back down... the end of the Crinum Lily is already gone!
jungle mama: Navy Lubbers have eaten away the edges of this Crinum Lily leaf!
jungle mama: Ever wonder where the leaf went? Navy lubber and its trailing waste packets
jungle mama: Navy lubber peeks over edge of a translucent Crinum leaf!
jungle mama: Traffic jam on a Crinum Leaf
jungle mama: Young Lubbers on the march up a Crinum leaf
jungle mama: Newly hatched navy Lubbers sport bright back stripes as they devour Crinum Lily buds
jungle mama: Navy and gold Lubber hangs by hooked feet
jungle mama: First golden Lubber of the year is staring me down!
jungle mama: Well hello there... Lubber peeks around edge of a leaf to greet me!
jungle mama: Friendly Lubber is coming up very close to me!