jungle mama: Passion flower in a sacred blaze of red!
jungle mama: The outrageous, exotic, erotic Red Passion Flower
jungle mama: The complex and intricate structure of a Passion flower
jungle mama: Red Passion Flower is ablaze in the morning light
jungle mama: Morning light emblazons red hot Passion Flower!
jungle mama: Red Passion reaches for the morning sun
jungle mama: Red Passion is ablaze in morning light!
jungle mama: Giant purple Passion flower is a highlight of the butterfly garden
jungle mama: Approaching the space station... inside a Passion Vine flower
jungle mama: Zooming in on a Passion Vine flower like a butterfly!
jungle mama: Fertile red Passion Flower glows in the morning sun
jungle mama: Passion flower glows in early morning light and shade
jungle mama: The curvaceous, undulating world of a Purple Passion Vine flower
jungle mama: Dazzling purple Passion Flower proclaims its fertility
jungle mama: Stamen shadows on a Passion Flower against a blue sky
jungle mama: Passion Vine and a brilliant Blue Sky
jungle mama: Brilliant pollen-covered stamens of purple Passion flower spring out to attract bees
jungle mama: Rosy purple Passion flower and pale blue sky
jungle mama: Passion rising to the heavens
jungle mama: Passion Flower courting the bee
jungle mama: Passion Vine.... the art of pollination at its finest
jungle mama: Passion Vine... the flower below the passionate flower
jungle mama: Rosy purple Passion Flower luring in bees
jungle mama: Oh! Wet Passion Vine sees its shadow
jungle mama: Hooked on Passion!
jungle mama: The Structure of a Passion Flower... one, three, five, pollen, stamen, color and mystery
jungle mama: Passion Vine's bud is unfurling... the stubby stamens are turning and straightening! The petals are unfolding and filling!
jungle mama: Rain-soaked Passion Vine tendrils wrap around Ruellia stems as it reaches for the light
jungle mama: To Cathy... the Passionate Heart of a Wandering Passion Vine
jungle mama: A glorious Passion Flower and a brilliant stained-glass butterfly... a Gulf Fritillary