jungle mama: Pink Hibiscus spreading its pastel petals to the sun
jungle mama: Pink Hibiscus with telltale stigma peeks out from lush greens
jungle mama: Tiny yellow Pavonia is a hummingbird treat
jungle mama: Ah, classic red Hibiscus!
jungle mama: A very close look at a peach Hibiscus
jungle mama: Red Hibiscus... the most attractive parts to a butterfly!
jungle mama: Fuzzy red and gold Hibiscus stigma
jungle mama: Hibiscus soliloquy in the morning sun
jungle mama: Hibiscus conversation in the morning sun
jungle mama: Sunlit rosy Hibiscus with ruffly edge and glowing stamens
jungle mama: On a dark rainy morning, a lacy pink Hibiscus umbrella is a delight to the eye!
jungle mama: Delicate Fringed Hibiscus blossoms dance in the morning breeze
jungle mama: Schizopetalus isn't crazy... it's a Hibiscus with delightful split petals!
jungle mama: Parasol Hibiscus schizopetalus... yes, that's really it's name!
jungle mama: Peach Hibiscus glistens in intense Spring morning sunlight
jungle mama: Peach Hibiscus petals and stamens play in the breeze
jungle mama: Sunlit tissuey wet Peach Hibiscus, its red gumdrop stamens and visiting ants
jungle mama: Exotic rosy peach Hibiscus unfolding in the warm morning breeze
jungle mama: A bit of warmth...fuzz covered rose Hibiscus stamens sparkle with morning dew
jungle mama: Glorious and delicate cream, gold and rose velvet pollen-covered stamen of ruby Hibiscus
jungle mama: Transparent red Hibiscus is reaching for the sky
jungle mama: Sunlit red and white variegated Hibiscus and its glorious rosy stamens and golden pollen
jungle mama: Ruffly flower of a pink-veined Parasol Hibiscus
jungle mama: Gray-striped bug on translucent gold and peach Hibiscus
jungle mama: Astounding golden needles of a cream and ruby Hibiscus stamen
jungle mama: Honey Bee enters sacred red inner world of a Peach Hibiscus and its shadow
jungle mama: Glamorous ruffly yellow Hibiscus with ruby red center and golden stamens
jungle mama: Orange Hibiscus glows in bright sunlight
jungle mama: Frosted-edge Peach Hibiscus and pollen-laden stamens are magnified by morning rain
jungle mama: Stamen of a wet Brilliant Red Hibiscus is loaded with pale yellow pollen