jungle mama: The voluptuous curves of a pink Calla Lily
jungle mama: Rangoon Creeper is in full bloom!
jungle mama: Glorious and delicate cream, gold and rose velvet pollen-covered stamen of ruby Hibiscus
jungle mama: Dark green Glorybower Berries nestle in their blazing red star cups
jungle mama: A shiny bee on an orange Flame Vine
jungle mama: Giant Milkweed has a snappily-dressed visitor
jungle mama: Chalice Vine stamens and anther... real and shadow
jungle mama: Shiny wet Hoya Buds are about to unfurl into fuzzy, 5-sided Pink Stars!
jungle mama: Looking through a wet Sea Fan at a blue Miami Beach condo
jungle mama: After the rain stops, Flax Lily stems tethered by spider webs glisten in the morning sun
jungle mama: For one brief moment, come share this Watery Lake in a Glistening Web with me
jungle mama: Out for trash... diagonal cuts of Palm stems reveal what's inside
jungle mama: Astounding golden needles of a cream and ruby Hibiscus stamen
jungle mama: A rare sight... delicate details of rosy Silk Floss Tree flower are highlighted by morning rain and sun
jungle mama: A rare tree... hook-ended spikes of tropical Silk Floss bark
jungle mama: The Art of Sweetheart Hoya... a composition of shiny amber five-petaled flowers, fuzzy cream-colored bases and tiny buds
jungle mama: A very close look at the Valentine Leaf Vine's tiny, 5-sided, amber-colored flowers
jungle mama: Sunlit tissuey pink Queen Crape Myrtle and its nut-like dark green seeds
jungle mama: A very close look at the growing heart of a Staghorn Fern
jungle mama: Sunlit golden lacy edges of a Staghorn Fern's drying body
jungle mama: A very close look at a fuzzy bee gathering golden pollen from a delicate pink Begonia
jungle mama: Hey Mother Lubber, you're over the edge!
jungle mama: Amber leaf and translucent Amber Spider with sunlit articulated legs astride an architecturally-profound web
jungle mama: Baby yellow-back Gouldian Finch has fluorescent feeding spots beside its mouth to guide in a full-mouthed mother... even in the dark
jungle mama: Is it time yet? Two-week-old, pin-feathery Baby Cockatiels are hungry!
jungle mama: A very close look at the Queen of the Night, a tiny wirey Cactus and its 8 inch hairy, rose-colored blossom
jungle mama: Waxy white Spathiphyllum grows profusely near my waterfall
jungle mama: A very close look at the blossom of a Honeybell... one of the sweetest, juiciest oranges in the world
jungle mama: More shadow than real... Mother Lubber couldn't stand not knowing whether I was there or not. She had to look!
jungle mama: A very close look at an unfurling, soon-to-be pink, trumpet-shaped Datura Lily