jungle mama: Bromeliad spray with rosy bud covers
jungle mama: Green, white and hot pink... Miniature Pineapple head
jungle mama: Miniature pineapple in lush pinks and greens
jungle mama: Shamefully beautiful Bromeliad!
jungle mama: Bromeliad Bilbergia pyramidalis sparkles in the morning light
jungle mama: Aechmea sundance with waxy white tips
jungle mama: A very close look at a brilliantly colorful Peter Max Pineapple
jungle mama: Vibrant pineapple... exquisite from any side!
jungle mama: The vibrant abstract beauty of a pineapple
jungle mama: Wondrous blue Bromeliad with rosy stems... Aechmea woronowii
jungle mama: Curious Anole couldn't stand not knowing whether I was still there... or not
jungle mama: Purple bromeliad flowers pop above the shiny blue reflecting surface of its heart
jungle mama: The watery purple-flowering heart of a rosy-tipped Bromeliad
jungle mama: Green Anole takes a giant stride across a sunny orange Bromeliad
jungle mama: Red and gold Bromeliads are going to seed
jungle mama: Rain-filled cup of red-throated Bromeliad
jungle mama: Glorious purple flowers inside pool of Lipstick Bromeliad
jungle mama: Blue and white buds on rosy stems of Aechmea woronowii
jungle mama: Rain-covered Blue Tango Aechmea Bromeliad sparkles on red stems
jungle mama: Blue Rain and its vibrant rosy stems
jungle mama: Blue Tango Aechmea glows in the morning light
jungle mama: Vibrant red-stemmed, purple-flower Aechmea Bromeliad in full bloom
jungle mama: Glowing purple blue buds of a rosy bromeliad!
jungle mama: A burst of color and texture... Bromelia aff. sylvicola
jungle mama: Blue rain bromeliad with red stem
jungle mama: Tiny flowers at the watery heart of a purple Bromeliad
jungle mama: The glories of Bromeliads! Red, yellow and blazing!
jungle mama: The exuberant red orange and gold exploding heart of a Bromeliad!
jungle mama: Bromeliads... red, gold and green edges sparkle in the morning sunlight!
jungle mama: Brilliant reds and golds of Little Harv bromeliad