jungle mama: Palm seed cluster has turned to gold
jungle mama: Palm seeds breaking free!
jungle mama: Coconut seed cluster hangs from its browning sheath
jungle mama: Strange usually unseen world... tiny red and green Bottle Palm seeds are forming!
jungle mama: Cascading Palm seeds
jungle mama: Full cluster of Licuala grandis palm seeds
jungle mama: Tiny green baby coconuts dangle from feeder stems
jungle mama: Energetic Coconut seed spray
jungle mama: Zooming in close on a creamy Coconut seed cluster
jungle mama: Mother Nature's perfect abstract... Fishtail Palm seeds
jungle mama: Texture and color of Licuala lauterbrachii
jungle mama: Purple palm seeds hang close together on golden stems
jungle mama: Bamboo Palm... Chamaedorea erumpens
jungle mama: Papaya
jungle mama: Papaya stems reach in all directions
jungle mama: Ripe Papaya hangs ready to be picked and enjoyed!
jungle mama: Papayas ripening on the front steps
jungle mama: Sunlit Papaya leaf against a coral wall
jungle mama: What you don't usually see... tiny green Palm Seeds
jungle mama: Tiny green Palm seeds strung on gelatinous threads safely emerge from their protective sheath when ready
jungle mama: A very close look at the seeds of a Christmas Tree Palm packed in their protective, brown-tissuey sheath
jungle mama: Wet waxy white seeds of the Christmas Tree Palm after breaking free from their tissuey brown sheath... and before turning bright red
jungle mama: Bananas and coconuts... purple and orange stalks and stems
jungle mama: Coconuts float ready to be cut and sipped at the Ramble
jungle mama: Fall fruit in abundance... savoring life in the tropics!
jungle mama: Bamboo Palm berries hang in leafless cluster
jungle mama: Purple berries on bright orange stems of a Bamboo Palm... Chamaedorea erumpens
jungle mama: Young Yellow and Green-Striped Bamboo looks like asparagus
jungle mama: Hairy Sheaths protect Yellow and Green-Stripe Bamboo's shiny new growth
jungle mama: Bamboo designs... green stripes on yellow background