jungle mama: Living in a Jungle... Young Bamboo soars above our Bamboo Front Gate
jungle mama: Dracaena marginata blooming by our Bamboo Gate
jungle mama: Balinese Goddess is watching over my daughter's journey to Bali
jungle mama: The Goddess is becoming Rooted
jungle mama: Balinese Goddess protects our Jungle home
jungle mama: Nightblooming Cereus... the Cinderella of the plant world!
jungle mama: Fifty or so Cereus blossoms hang from our trees
jungle mama: Sacred Mountain in our courtyard
jungle mama: Nightblooming Cereus... its delicate ruffly edges and center-curving, pollen-loaded stamens!
jungle mama: Valentine Hoya leaves, vine and flowering umbel
jungle mama: Valentine Hoya is opening in the rain
jungle mama: A Hoya vine bud cluster is about to open revealing dazzling amber flowers inside
jungle mama: Delicate white five-sided Valentine Hoya buds are unfurling
jungle mama: A very close look at the Valentine Leaf Vine's tiny, 5-sided, amber-colored flowers
jungle mama: The Art of Sweetheart Hoya... a composition of shiny amber five-petaled flowers, fuzzy cream-colored bases and tiny buds
jungle mama: Sacred Mountain closer look
jungle mama: Nightblooming Cereus blooming in our front courtyard
jungle mama: Gold, amber and white petals of Nightblooming Cereus
jungle mama: Wiry cactus explodes into magnificant Nightblooming Cereus
jungle mama: Chandelier missing crystals gets cherries instead
jungle mama: Bamboo and crystal chandelier... Front courtyard
jungle mama: A gardener's courtyard... watering cans, clippers, a hungry fish and Moroccan fountain
jungle mama: The "Buddha" Triangle protected us from harm inside
jungle mama: Tall gilded wood carving of Kuan Yin brings us healing
jungle mama: Quan Yin and dark Buddha
jungle mama: Buddha corner on sunny afternoon
jungle mama: Eli and Honey are waiting for the sun to stream across the living room
jungle mama: Piano, light and shadows in our Jungle living room
jungle mama: Sunlit Buddha brings spirit to our living room
jungle mama: Concert Grand in Jungle living room