jta1950: Newfoundlander and the Geese
jta1950: Golden in corn field
jta1950: King of the field
jta1950: Toy Poodle at the Apple Orchard
jta1950: Poodle Diva in Orchard
jta1950: Dog 'n' Girl
jta1950: Dog 'n' Girl B&W
jta1950: Tuff Dog in the Forest
jta1950: Zoom in on the Dog
jta1950: Three dogs and a Car
jta1950: Cute Kittens
jta1950: Crowded Room
jta1950: Dog and Baby
jta1950: Happy Birthday
jta1950: Heads Up
jta1950: Big Toy Poodle and Friends
jta1950: Shall we be Friends
jta1950: Snow Dog
jta1950: Winter Poodle Dog
jta1950: The Three Musketeers
jta1950: Friends of the Forest
jta1950: Land of the Castles
jta1950: Zebra Stripes
jta1950: Dog in Mourning
jta1950: Baby and Friends
jta1950: Boy with Blanket
jta1950: Youngman with Dog
jta1950: Where's the Duck
jta1950: Too Small for Shopping Cart
jta1950: Dogs Shopping