jta1950: Stonepeople at Sunset
jta1950: House overlooking Ocean
jta1950: Perce Rock Gaspe,Que
jta1950: Lighthouse at Cap-des-Rosiers, Gaspe
jta1950: House on the Cliff
jta1950: House on the Hill
jta1950: Early morning sunrise at the Bridge
jta1950: Town by the Ocean
jta1950: Lighthouse in Gaspe
jta1950: Clouds hanging over Perce Rock
jta1950: The Old Gaspe
jta1950: House off the Ocean
jta1950: Yellow house off the ocean
jta1950: Shack and Early Sunrise
jta1950: Lighthouse overlooking the Ocean
jta1950: Perce Rock at sunset
jta1950: Nice View
jta1950: Two houses overlooking the Ocean
jta1950: Abandoned boat and shed
jta1950: Glowing lighthouse
jta1950: Gaspe Chairs
jta1950: Tourist Boat
jta1950: Beach Chairs at Chandler,Gaspe
jta1950: A red,white and blue boat
jta1950: Lighthouse off the ocean
jta1950: Boat at Perce Rock
jta1950: Small house Big rock in fog
jta1950: This is Perce Rock
jta1950: House with a red roof
jta1950: Shore near Perce Rock on a foggy day