jta1950: Little Girl with Cap
jta1950: Balancing Act
jta1950: Little Boy touching an Evergreen
jta1950: Little Boy at the Ocean
jta1950: Little Boy in The Window
jta1950: Little Boy in B&W
jta1950: Little Boy and Poodle
jta1950: Little Girl in Tree
jta1950: Smilie for the Camera
jta1950: Bee on Nose
jta1950: Yikes a Hamster on my Teddy Graham's
jta1950: Playtime
jta1950: Disney Characters
jta1950: Little Girl with Dogs
jta1950: Young Dreams
jta1950: Newsprint Boy
jta1950: Brilliant Baby in Disguise
jta1950: Same Baby Another version
jta1950: Our Gang
jta1950: Moonlight Boy
jta1950: Young Elvis
jta1950: Hippie Young Man
jta1950: The Little Guy
jta1950: School with Mick Jagger
jta1950: The Rainbow Boy
jta1950: A Young Man
jta1950: Tree Huggers
jta1950: Boy with Friends
jta1950: Boy and Rabbit
jta1950: Distant Cousins