jta1950: Cute kitten
jta1950: White Striped Horse
jta1950: A young girl
jta1950: Picture Perfect Car
jta1950: Spoofing Jim Carrey
jta1950: Nice Sweater
jta1950: Very Roomy
jta1950: Country Horse
jta1950: Looking Good Part 2
jta1950: Proud Little Girl
jta1950: Little Girl in the Sun
jta1950: Reflections of a Pond
jta1950: Penny for your Thoughts
jta1950: Young Girl Resting
jta1950: The Yellow Pick Up
jta1950: Not Quite Two
jta1950: Portrait in the Sunshine
jta1950: Young Girl in B&W
jta1950: Pretty Little Girl
jta1950: Fetching the Ball
jta1950: Another version Bit of Sunshine
jta1950: Young Girl Posing
jta1950: Time Has Come Today
jta1950: Pretty Little Girl
jta1950: Bright eyed child
jta1950: Little Girl's Mesmerizing Stare
jta1950: Painterly Glass Boat
jta1950: Pretty Little Girl
jta1950: Vintage MGB
jta1950: The Mannequin and the Statue.