jsleighton: Grim's stream and trees
jsleighton: Dead tree reflection
jsleighton: swamp
jsleighton: 4 x 6 stone ruin at Algonquin Park
jsleighton: Tree by the path
jsleighton: Three trees
jsleighton: Classic Morgan
jsleighton: Walking the dog
jsleighton: Algonquin park trees
jsleighton: Stone Ruin
jsleighton: Stream
jsleighton: Bannerman's island
jsleighton: stream in algonquin park
jsleighton: Train by the Hudson
jsleighton: Geese on Path at Downing Park
jsleighton: Hudson from Storm King
jsleighton: The road down the mountain
jsleighton: getting to the top
jsleighton: Newburgh evening waterfront
jsleighton: Crying baby
jsleighton: Sitting under the Willow
jsleighton: Pathway under trestle
jsleighton: The Wedding Prayer
jsleighton: Man on a bench
jsleighton: dancing at the wedding
jsleighton: Colt in field
jsleighton: Storm King
jsleighton: Clear Water Sloop at Cold Springs NY
jsleighton: River Rose docking
jsleighton: Waterfront at night