jothagraphy: Photobombers
jothagraphy: Small falls
jothagraphy: Sailing into the sunset
jothagraphy: Spooky winter willow - Explored 24.05.2020
jothagraphy: Cologne Must-Have
jothagraphy: Kelpies
jothagraphy: Spring wheat field
jothagraphy: Juicy green alley - Explored 03.05.2020
jothagraphy: Dark clouds over young love
jothagraphy: Fog bank
jothagraphy: Warm sunset glow
jothagraphy: Cloudy skies
jothagraphy: Weekend at swan's place
jothagraphy: 15 minutes to sunset
jothagraphy: Enchanted forest
jothagraphy: A hint of tuscany in Bavaria
jothagraphy: Fairy tale alley
jothagraphy: King of the lake
jothagraphy: Deep Green - Explored 12.04.2020
jothagraphy: Turtle and frog
jothagraphy: Red moon rising
jothagraphy: Winter sunset
jothagraphy: Star Wars
jothagraphy: Like a time-gate
jothagraphy: Empty streets in difficult times...
jothagraphy: Weir at night
jothagraphy: Salmon colored island
jothagraphy: Twilight