jothagraphy: Icons of late summer
jothagraphy: Nightfall
jothagraphy: Golden hour moon
jothagraphy: Late afternoon in midsummer
jothagraphy: Sunset crop - Explored 30.07.2020
jothagraphy: Bumblebee
jothagraphy: Golden rays
jothagraphy: Time to call it a day
jothagraphy: Sea of corn
jothagraphy: Midsummer rural landscape
jothagraphy: So much going on in one frame
jothagraphy: Menacing clouds - Explored 21.06.2020
jothagraphy: Not so friendly looking
jothagraphy: Bringing home dinner
jothagraphy: Campfires
jothagraphy: On my way home
jothagraphy: Full moon and clouds HDR
jothagraphy: Golden field in sunset
jothagraphy: Prickly insect on prickly plant
jothagraphy: Nature overflow
jothagraphy: Golden hour poppies
jothagraphy: Photobombers
jothagraphy: Small falls
jothagraphy: Spooky winter willow - Explored 24.05.2020
jothagraphy: Spring wheat field
jothagraphy: Juicy green alley - Explored 03.05.2020
jothagraphy: Dark clouds over young love
jothagraphy: Fog bank
jothagraphy: Warm sunset glow
jothagraphy: Cloudy skies