johnshlau: Coal Harbor Mirror
johnshlau: Feeling The Beeeze
johnshlau: OOuutt OOff FFooccuuss
johnshlau: Trying Time
johnshlau: Oh Listen!
johnshlau: The Lockdown Scenario?
johnshlau: “Be like the flower . . . turn your face to the sun.“ - Kahlil Gibran
johnshlau: “It is a happiness to wonder - It is a happiness to dream.” – Edgar Allen Poe
johnshlau: Just Dreaming...
johnshlau: Are You Looking For What I Am Looking For?
johnshlau: “Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson
johnshlau: Taking Travel For Granted?
johnshlau: Yellow Bird
johnshlau: Let Her Wish Be Granted
johnshlau: Tunnel of Gates
johnshlau: "Think of All the Beauty still left around you and Be Happy!" - Anne Frank [Explore]
johnshlau: Smiles [Explore]
johnshlau: Simply A Matter of Perspective
johnshlau: If You Close Your Eyes
johnshlau: Golden Symmetry
johnshlau: Breeze
johnshlau: Following The Emperors' Tracks
johnshlau: Nature's Palette
johnshlau: Floating
johnshlau: Season's Greetings
johnshlau: Respect
johnshlau: Dreaming
johnshlau: 399 Steps
johnshlau: A Glimpse of Autumn
johnshlau: Spiralling