flintframer: Bald eagle over the Ohio River
flintframer: Preening Eagle
flintframer: Hunting from a Sycamore tree
flintframer: Drake Blue-winged teal
flintframer: Flirting Swan
flintframer: Hay rakes taking in the sunshine
flintframer: Florida Barred Owl
flintframer: Its not Oscar
flintframer: Belted Kingfisher
flintframer: The Wood duck and the snow storm
flintframer: A curious Titmouse @ Muscatatuck NWR, Indiana
flintframer: Muscatatuck spider making eye contact
flintframer: Grizzly tipping...so much more exciting than cows!
flintframer: Muscatatuck Male Northern Cardinal
flintframer: Charging Grizzly
flintframer: A rare opportunity!
flintframer: Adult Sandhill Crane in flight near Seymour Indiana
flintframer: Jackson County Indiana Sandhill Crane
flintframer: Some of the 40k Sandhill Cranes @ Muscatatuck
flintframer: Departing our company
flintframer: Another Katmai NP Grizzly Shot
flintframer: 5A9A0631
flintframer: A hungry six footer stalking
flintframer: Breakfast fighting back
flintframer: Missing the beach on a gray day
flintframer: The feather tells a story
flintframer: Bigfoot has nothing on this Northern Flicker when it comes to hide-and-seek!
flintframer: Wisdom in his eyes
flintframer: Florida fishing pains.
flintframer: When you are beautiful and you know it, pose!