Jerry_a: Gray Ghost - Diving
Jerry_a: Gray Ghost - Wingspan Ground Level
Jerry_a: Mallard Hen
Jerry_a: American Wigeon
Jerry_a: Bald Eagle - Cruising the Spillways
Jerry_a: Adult Bald Eagle
Jerry_a: Immature Bald Eagle
Jerry_a: Bald Eagle - Walking on Air 11-19-2019
Jerry_a: Bald Eagle - Diving
Jerry_a: Scooter the Crazy Crop
Jerry_a: Immature Bald Eagle
Jerry_a: Bald Eagle Immature
Jerry_a: Bald Eagle - Scuffle
Jerry_a: Bald Eagle Big Honkin Shad 10-30-2019
Jerry_a: Help Me
Jerry_a: Red Fox and the Bite Sized Vole
Jerry_a: The Gordium Knot
Jerry_a: Winslow Hill Rd has the best clover!
Jerry_a: Benezette Elk Fight
Jerry_a: Lancaster Balloon Festival
Jerry_a: Green Heron
Jerry_a: Only the Fish Wins in this Fight
Jerry_a: Hummingbird
Jerry_a: Forster Terns, Feeding Time
Jerry_a: Going for the Shaggy Look
Jerry_a: Hummingbird
Jerry_a: Snoozing
Jerry_a: The Pickup
Jerry_a: King of the Den
Jerry_a: Bogie at 1 o'clock