DaveSticker: Shower time
DaveSticker: Black-throated Green Warbler
Dell Wu: Kingfisher
Fred Roe: Glide path
davidlawrence15: Gadwall.
Bay State Paul: Male Peregrine
Davebfc69: Short eared owl
Davebfc69: Little owl. My first ever spot. 😁😁
Davebfc69: Barn owl on an early morning hunt
Davebfc69: Male kestrel with dinner
Davebfc69: Stonechat
Davebfc69: Little owl catching some sun
Ruby Feng: Foraging
K_Todd_74: Slowly, one step at a time - Night Cap Heron
K_Todd_74: nice to see again - Red Tail Hawk
clomer29: 27072019-452A6113
jmckayak: Redstart 9317
jmckayak: Harrier 0101 copy
jmckayak: Harrier 0056 copy
jmckayak: CMWA 8668b
jmckayak: PRWA 8221
jmckayak: PRWA 8235
jmckayak: PRWA 8412
clomer29: 2 photos 120 sec. le ciel avec suivi, 150 sec le sol.
timvermicon: Junco in the Snow
timvermicon: Eastern Bluebird