jeanwatsonartist: This was taken when my studio was added to the Kawartha Arts and Heritage Trail.
jeanwatsonartist: Purple. Acrylic on yupo. 33x25cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Beirut Morning. I painted this in 1989. Lebanon has had so much to endure.
jeanwatsonartist: Entrance to my studio
jeanwatsonartist: Entrance to my studio
jeanwatsonartist: Iris. Oil on wood. 17x14 cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Trees.Oil on wood 25x14cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Y’know…oil on canvas 90cmx90cn.
jeanwatsonartist: Poppy. Oil on Masonite 50x50 cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Untitled. Ink on yupo 32x22 cm
jeanwatsonartist: Work in progress.
jeanwatsonartist: Betty. Charcoal. 28x38cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Betty. Charcoal. 48x32cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Betty. Chalks on paper.48x60 cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Mary. Oil. 40x30 cm
jeanwatsonartist: Leon. Acrylic. 40x60cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Patsy. Patel 30x40cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Patsy. Pastel.40x30cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Dianne. Black coloured pencil. 45x60cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Dianne. Graphite. 45x60cm
jeanwatsonartist: Dianne. Charcoal. 36x28cm
jeanwatsonartist: Dianne. Grey pastel 60x45cm
jeanwatsonartist: Linda. Oil. 30x23 cm
jeanwatsonartist: Linda. Acrylic.40x30cm.
jeanwatsonartist: View from the patio. Watercolour.15x25 cm.
jeanwatsonartist: Roseanne. Pastel on paper. 38x28 cm.
jeanwatsonartist: One of my paintings found a new home.
jeanwatsonartist: Creative people...Oil on canvas. 100x100cm
jeanwatsonartist: Work in progress.