janeland: A19077 / formal portrait of a wall
janeland: A19008 / hvac abstract
janeland: A19007 / punctured olive wall
janeland: A19011 / having been spray painted black, the invisible bucket remains invisible
janeland: A19031 / interior fragment with extra texture
janeland: A19024/23/22 / interior panorama
janeland: A19049 / hunters point
janeland: A19056 / hunters point with peeling paint
janeland: A19033 / hunters point with dry dock
janeland: A19053 / hunters point with hue shift
janeland: A19019 / hunters point with celadon sky
janeland: A19054 / hunters point with x
janeland: A19034 / hunters point landscape
janeland: A19055 / hunters point with hue-shifted sky
janeland: A18964 / equinox reflects
janeland: A18970 / parking on santa barbara avenue
janeland: A18958 / parked by the green house with extra texture and, wait, is that a diptych? why yes it is.
janeland: A18969 / big spool
janeland: A18951 / bart station abstraction
janeland: A18955 / bart station with comb-over
janeland: A18946 / orpheum detail
janeland: A18945 / hue-shifted orpheum detail
janeland: A19110 / tiffany at the deYoung
janeland: A18932 / early and late deco
janeland: A18925 / underfoot at fort mason
janeland: A18660 / pier 2 gets symmetricized and drifts off into the bay
janeland: A18658 / pier 2 gets the special treatment late in the day
janeland: A18924 / pink arc gets the special treatment
janeland: A18847 / bonnie maygarden at artmarket sf
janeland: A18916-924 / jane out in the parking lot making a collage with the concrete and the asphalt