Quimpadi: Sympetrum Striolatum
mdejesus73: Pedals B&W
mdejesus73: Blue flowers
mdejesus73: Bold jumper ( Phidippus audax )
mdejesus73: Goderich Beach Sunset
mdejesus73: Pine Springs, Ontario in Autumn
José Delamano García: Pontia daplidice (12)
Jos Buurmans: Mystical Lake Ruataniwha
Jos Buurmans: Hooker River and Mt. Cook
Jos Buurmans: Kareaara Stream Rapids
Jos Buurmans: A peak at the fog
ketil.melby: The golden, dying sunlight of autumn
Tomo M: Going through the circle of rainbow
blavandmaster: I love reheads
RosiLeo: Al amanecer...
CarlosAlbetoNeves: 2020-11-08_01-00-15
GMPhotos55: The forest with the dancing trees
GMPhotos55: Phalaenopsis
AnyMotion: A Flower From The Heart
lfeng1014: Autumn Glow
mclcbooks: Sunrise, Tabernash, Colorado
adyLee.photography: Jagog Luar
wizard_of_dof: _DSC8001_Flickr_4096_nicopx_"Nikon 105mm f1.8 Ais"_c1
Wim van de Meerendonk, loving nature: Ala Archa National Park (in Explore 16-11-2020)
jungle mama: Tiny yellow Thryallis is sunlit on a chilly day
ursulamller900: Colors are Autumn's Soul
He Ro: When magic happens
He Ro: Blea Tarn