David Sneddon: Glencoe waterfall
Barpilot: Mow Cop Sunrise
Luc Boonen - PhLB: Stairs of the Ruhr Museum
Catherine Reznitchenko: Fleurs sauvages
Pentazeuhl: Spitzberg
[Ananabanana]: 20120902 Z
albertmohnen: Edersee (3235)
Pentazeuhl: Reve hivernal d'un naïf ideal
Pentazeuhl: Les dents du diable
Mark Littlejohn: Black and Gold
[Ananabanana]: 20120728 Over there
Peet de Rouw: Industry at Night
Barpilot: Straight Up
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Can’t See the wood from the trees!
byronv2: New Haymarket 03
byronv2: New Haymarket 06
Renton Lad: Intimidating
Leanne Boulton: Two for the Price of One
Leanne Boulton: Keeping Up with the Joneses
www.capturesintime.co.uk: Calming Backwash