Fotofricassee: The Loner; the Cyclist.
Fotofricassee: Pet Adoption.
Fotofricassee: Fat Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away! (by The Rolling Stones).
Fotofricassee: In a parallel universe, a self-proclaimed 'social butterfly' clones herself at will to converge on a number of parties already in progress at the winery.
Fotofricassee: The thing about sunflowers is this.... No sun, no sunflowers.
Fotofricassee: Neil Armstrong (kneeling, 3rd from left) with Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Brothers, Purdue University, 1952.
Fotofricassee: Amelia Earhart and Aviator Students, Purdue University, 1936.
Fotofricassee: Caroline - farmhand - dreaming of the big city.
Fotofricassee: Ever feel like you're being watched?
Fotofricassee: He chose the wrong day to wear red!
Fotofricassee: Henrietta was not going to let the enemy’s airborne infantry ruin her retirement party!
Fotofricassee: Sure, they're having a good time now. But, Mother Nature has something else in mind for them!
Fotofricassee: Celebrating the work of O. Winston Link, legendary American railroad photographer. Colorized.
Fotofricassee: "Toto, this isn't Kansas anymore. It's far worse. It's Detroit, Michigan!!!!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!".
Fotofricassee: My big, fat, gruesome, monster wedding!
Fotofricassee: Why not use the real Titanic when filming the sequel?
Fotofricassee: Baby, you can drive my car!
Fotofricassee: Serenity AM.
Fotofricassee: Jonathan Edwards Vineyard.
Fotofricassee: Smedley's Minimalist One-Ring Circus.
Fotofricassee: Song of the Volga Boat(wo)men applies.
Fotofricassee: “Listen kid, I'm an actor, I don’t know squat about karate. You'll likely have your head handed to you...... But son, allow me to demonstrate the culinary fine art of eating sashimi!!!!”
Fotofricassee: Fear of flying? Go Greyhound, and Leave the Driving to Us!
Fotofricassee: Patch of Purple.
Fotofricassee: Claudette Colbert & Clark Gable. A scene from Frank Capra's 'It Happened One Night' (1934).
Fotofricassee: Rare photo of a beaming President Eisenhower introducing the new Secretary of State (1953): Cousin ITT.
Fotofricassee: In the category of films that just didn't make it, William Frawley channels Fred Mertz in "Nosferatu, The Bewildered Vampire". Costarring Vivien Vance.
Fotofricassee: Namaste.
Fotofricassee: Where were the Stooges when you needed them the most?!?!
Fotofricassee: Think Fast!!!!!