Fotofricassee: The convergence of an active hurricane season and the Covid-19 contagion spells a double-dose of danger! Take a chance....
Fotofricassee: The vineyard. Where relationships are made, then ultimately broken. Blame it on the booze.
Fotofricassee: Grapes on a vine. Seek and ye shall find!
Fotofricassee: At Sunset Meadow Vineyard today, the grapes are coming along.
Fotofricassee: Even in a pandemic, Ethel could not stop singing at the top of her lungs!
Fotofricassee: No, he wasn't Scottish. Yes, he was a sexual dynamo. No, he didn't comb his hair.... EVER!
Fotofricassee: On December 17, 1903, the Wright Brothers launched their first successful flight. These two former bicycle mechanics were largely unknown to the public.
Fotofricassee: Zelda, flaunting her lower extremity 'Popeye’ limbs.
Fotofricassee: I had to retire from track cycling.
Fotofricassee: It was inevitable!
Fotofricassee: Don't let boredom during Covid keep you from amusement park rides....
Fotofricassee: In the post-Covid era (if there ever is one), movie producers say that actors will be wearing masks at all times.
Fotofricassee: Why did the chickens cross the (rail) road?
Fotofricassee: Discovery: A treasure trove of railroad tie brackets.
Fotofricassee: Colonial New England: Riverton, Connecticut. Featuring a view of the Old Riverton Inn. On my annual century bike ride to Stockbridge, Massachusetts and back home.
Fotofricassee: Stockbridge Railway Depot. Stockbridge, Massachusetts. (A town mentioned in James Taylor's seminal track, 'Sweet Baby James').
Fotofricassee: The old Pequot-Mohegan-Algonquin (Indian) trail along the Farmington River.
Fotofricassee: Got milk?
Fotofricassee: My neighborhood.... Bantam Lake region, Connecticut.
Fotofricassee: Bantam Lake, Connecticut. Largest natural lake in the state. (and that ain't saying much).
Fotofricassee: Lovestruck at the Millerton train depot.
Fotofricassee: They only come out at night!
Fotofricassee: Macro Monday: The Giant Asian Murder Hornet arrives in Washington State, USA.
Fotofricassee: Restaurant owners need to be inventive to attract customers during Covid-19.
Fotofricassee: The Old Newgate Prison (Granby, Connecticut) employed convicts in hard labor to construct random railroad tunnels during the Revolutionary War. Problem was that the locomotive wasn’t to be invented for another 30 years.
Fotofricassee: We reached out to a former victim of the 16th century Black Plague to solicit his advice..... And this is what he said... "Garlic, my friend! Garlic! Rub it on your arms, chest and legs. You'll have no issue with social distancing!!!!".
Fotofricassee: Victorian home in Granby, Connecticut leaves something to be desired in the curb appeal arena.
Fotofricassee: Another view of the Canaan Union Rail Depot in Canaan, Connecticut. While only freight service frequents Canaan today, this Victorian station, built in 1872, is a lasting symbol of the Industrial Revolution, as experienced in the USA.
Fotofricassee: The Collin’s Diner is a National Historic Landmark. It sits opposite the Union Railroad Depot in Canaan, Connecticut. Designed to look like an oversized dining carriage (as most O'Mahoney designs were).
Fotofricassee: Vermin that invade American soil seemingly always arrive from other countries and tend to be of diminutive stature, but big in numbers, such as African Killer Bees, Coronavirus, Asian Giant Hornet, Japanese Beetle, Liverpudlian Beatle, Madagascar Roach.