Fotofricassee: When daddy was quietly exposed as a fraud!!!!!!!!
Fotofricassee: Life Imitating Art Imitating Life.
Fotofricassee: Crisis on the Santa Express!
Fotofricassee: 1960: Alfred Hitchcock, grandkids, and inspiration for the 1963 film, The Birds.
Fotofricassee: If at first you don't succeed, try and try again (or.... get a bigger ball!)
Fotofricassee: And you didn't think that a traditional Caribbean piragua (shaved ice / snow cone) stand would fare well at Lake Baikal, Siberia?
Fotofricassee: When the boss called for a 'bio-break', Jane and Alex took it to mean something entirely different from what he intended.
Fotofricassee: A pandemic, a vacant Grand Central Terminal, and an impromptu mask-less plate spinning competition.
Fotofricassee: Come on in. The lava's fine.
Fotofricassee: Soft landing!
Fotofricassee: Thanksgiving (2020) beckons: A uniquely American tradition.
Fotofricassee: Tempest In a Two-bit Flophouse
Fotofricassee: Just finished assembling my instruments for when the kiddies come by later. Oh, look, there's my first unsuspecting victim now!!!!!!
Fotofricassee: Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here!
Fotofricassee: Don't ever do this! It's just not nice. But, if you do do this, try making a goose-honking sound at the same time!!!
Fotofricassee: When bats in the belfry are the least of your worries!!!
Fotofricassee: The Compelling Gravitas of Dame Edna: A portrait of perhaps the most influential socialite of the last 300 years.
Fotofricassee: Heublein Tower and the first month of autumn.... Both now kaput. Oh, the woes of force majeure.
Fotofricassee: M.C. Escher's not-so-famous sketch, adapted for a slapstick-deprived audience.
Fotofricassee: The Dark at the End of the Tunnel: The Price Paid for Exuberant Optimism.
Fotofricassee: The ‘Cloisterous’ House of Mirrors: where what you see isn’t always what you get!
Fotofricassee: Frankenstein Meets Hard-selling Life Insurance Agent.
Fotofricassee: I already know how this movie ends: A downed airplane, an ape's corpse, and a diminutive beauty litter the parlor floor.
Fotofricassee: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!
Fotofricassee: Forgotten History: During the legendary New York City blackout of November, 1965, Mabel Linkletter and her son, Buster, offered the only light available on the stalled Lexington Avenue Line, thanks to their chain-smoking habit.
Fotofricassee: "The ultimate hayride!" Well, that's what NASA calls its newest attraction. Was it all fake news 51 years ago?
Fotofricassee: Magritte, Disjointed.
Fotofricassee: Just a matter of time.
Fotofricassee: Parched.
Fotofricassee: My short-lived career in glamour model photography!