Fotofricassee: The popular game of Throw the Kid Against the Wall was largely abandoned in the UK at the advent of the 1960's.
Fotofricassee: I get by with a little help from my friends!
Fotofricassee: When a revolutionary turns line dancing instructor.
Fotofricassee: Two perspectives on the same activity. One, boredom. The other, the most wonderful day of his life.
Fotofricassee: Bringing Up Baby!
Fotofricassee: When Fred Astaire wanted to learn how to dance....
Fotofricassee: Congressman Jerry Nadler meets -- in between meals -- with kindergartners in his home district to promote tenets of the bipartisan congressional manifesto on Physical Fitness. Who says politicians don't do anything useful?
Fotofricassee: In the early days, Elvis made house calls.
Fotofricassee: Rusty Mound covers Dusty Hill at the Treetop Saloon, Boise.
Fotofricassee: Isn't it romantic!?!?
Fotofricassee: An intended innocuous photo of an unsuspecting tourist and faux gladiator....
Fotofricassee: A Girl and Her Dog.
Fotofricassee: The Twilight's Last Glow.
Fotofricassee: A stormy night. A morning’s walk through a bucolic setting, and then...
Fotofricassee: Could be Grand Central Station (Manhattan)? But, alas, it's the Great Hall, Parliament, London, UK.
Fotofricassee: Could be East New York (Brooklyn) or the Lower East Side (Manhattan)? But alas, it's East London!
Fotofricassee: The London Eye meets the London Nose!
Fotofricassee: Elephants on the move.
Fotofricassee: The mark of great leadership is the ability to effectively command a team into battle, even when hamstrung by an inferior, or worse, absent uniform!
Fotofricassee: That look you give when you realize you're being sculpted NAKED!
Fotofricassee: Pandemonium at the Pantheon!
Fotofricassee: Art Imitating Life
Fotofricassee: Girls just want to have fun!
Fotofricassee: Said tour guide asks, "Where's Waldo?", and gets nothing but blank stares back.
Fotofricassee: Tourist Mutiny.
Fotofricassee: Current day visitors to ancient Pompeii mill around, awaiting the next big eruption........
Fotofricassee: OK, I'm Impressed!
Fotofricassee: Positively Positano.
Fotofricassee: The shoreline of Capri.