Fotofricassee: Experiments in making pigs fly! Or, one reason the Boston 'T' commuter line has such a bad reputation!
Fotofricassee: Are you a baby boomer (or older, if that is even possible) who defaulted to a job in the IT industry because you couldn't do anything else?...
Fotofricassee: Demonstrating that adult heads are far bigger than children’s heads.
Fotofricassee: Reckless, at any speed.
Fotofricassee: Going cycling with friends and family?
Fotofricassee: The Martian landscape is rife with Oxen carcasses, tumbleweed, and smart Victorian homes. All signs of life, at least in my book.
Fotofricassee: The buzz in the Digital Transformation space in 2019 is CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. And those promoting this faddish craze would do well to take tips from those who wrote the book on customer experience: ADHERENTS OF THE WORLD'S OLDEST PROFESSION!
Fotofricassee: Now in bookstores... Apollo 11: The Untold Story!
Fotofricassee: MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION: In the landmark case of Anous versus Ludmilla, artificial intelligence was used to positively and indisputably match this mother and daughter, rendering DNA testing in maternity lawsuits superfluous. Finally, a use for AI that ma
Fotofricassee: Have you chosen teaching as your profession? Better come equipped with creative methods to keep the kids in line. Miss Ludmilla's recommendation? THE RACK!
Fotofricassee: A trip to the fair. But, nobody was there.
Fotofricassee: At the brink of teendom, what would you have done on a dare?
Fotofricassee: Alexander Graham Bell and Steve Jobs are seen arguing the merits of their respective inventions, and the relative cultural impacts wrought by each.
Fotofricassee: Kensington, a la Dr. Strangelove.
Fotofricassee: Even off-screen, Mister Haney got the girl.
Fotofricassee: Remembering beloved Granny of the Beverly Hillbillies, played by Irene Ryan.
Fotofricassee: The Great Tram Robbery: Too Little, Too Late
Fotofricassee: Should NUCLEAR REACTOR OPERATORS be targeted for anger management training?
Fotofricassee: Work is only a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. Never let the kid in you cower into some obscure corner of your life.
Fotofricassee: Voted MOST POPULAR in her high school class.
Fotofricassee: ALL ABOARD! 'Cept, this train don't carry no gamblers - no high crap-shooters, no midnight ramblers!!! This train is bound for glory; if you want to get to heaven, you've got to be holy!!!....
Fotofricassee: A hard reckoning for Smedley Smoots.
Fotofricassee: It's complicated.
Fotofricassee: Finally, after he brought out the electric fan, she knew that she had to do something.
Fotofricassee: Man offers marriage proposal to straw woman. Invites all of his close friends. Gets the cold shoulder from would-be betrothed straw woman. Wonders why?
Fotofricassee: Three women who weren't and one man who was....
Fotofricassee: The Tin Men of Goshen.
Fotofricassee: Observing the 3rd annual International Fat Horses Day.
Fotofricassee: Naked City: Enchanted London.
Fotofricassee: Innovation on the March!