christikren: II = II = architecture = II = II
Josef...: cloudy day
BE▲UD●IN: Boston, 2021
*ines_maria: …. worldless…
benjaminjohnson1983: Queen Anne front and Mary Ann back
benjaminjohnson1983: The Kings Cross Tunnel
rainerralph: the yellow cube
CoolMcFlash: Bring Some Light
NoDurians: Stephansplatz (Stock-im-Eisen-Platz)
HWHawerkamp: Centered
Ondré []: Wismar Wasserkunst on the Market Square
GPGR: Ausweichstelle für Fußgänger sowie Zwei oder Mehrräder - Passing point for pedestrians and bicycles or multi-wheelers
andrewshaw11: The Golden Temple, Amritsar
shaun stothard the legend: Contrails over Buttermere
Calle Söderberg: Green Eyes Deluxe - _TNY_0368
Gianmario Masala: You don't Believe You ever Wanted
Brian Early Riser: Morning Colours
modyblues 68: Multitude...
photo! MP: Perception
ujkraus29: Im Aufzugsschacht
Leanne Boulton: The Cigarette
rainerralph: Hotel de Ville - Montpellier II
柄松稔 minoru karamatsu: while on a train
Youchun Yao: Whitetail 2023
soyokazeojisan: DSC08477B urban space
vedebe: Du vent dans les plumes... / Windy through the feathers...