Lyuda_: Colorful Christmas Cookies
Bluesrose: a piece of peach cake
serafin_moreno_alvarez: CUCHILLERIA DE ALBAETE
Fiorenzo Delegà: Cose diverse (2)
De Rode Olifant: A4-Box & Rose decoration (Seiji Nishikawa)
Lyuda_: Coffee and cookies, Christmas morning
Lyuda_: Colorful Christmas cookies
blindlings848: coffetime
Shoot to Save: effect of fructose in fatty liver
amuna_caty: Warm Cup
Bob R.L. Evans: Recipes not included
Wendy:: fennel after Edward Westin
Wendy:: playing with analogous colours
ketsada UNs: Coffee
Ibolya Mester: Chestnuts / Gesztenyék
Ibolya Mester: Balance
shixart1985: Broken chicken eggs in a white plate. Closeup.
brian enes: Peppers on a Cutting Board
Bob R.L. Evans: Four eggs
Walter Koemig: Rolling pin
Slávka K: CrazyTuesday #ThreeOfAKind
Valdas Photo Trip: Street of Bhaktapur
susacu: Red wine
susacu: Still life with fruits
Ferreira Nuno: Still life with lemons and an old jug
Chic Bee: A Winter Fig For You!
Red Brick 59: gx80 19#022