Darrell Godliman: UK - London - Hyde Park Corner - From this moment despair ends by Banksy_pano_DSC8073
Nigel Turner: The Shard/London Bridge Station
Nigel Turner: Library, Kenwood House, Hampstead, London
Conan500: The Shard, London
Conan500: Lloyds Building, London
gerrypopplestone: Setting out the fruit bowls
Darrell Godliman: UK - London - Marble Arch Mound 01_sq mono_DSC8062
gerrypopplestone: Anti-Vaccine Protesters
Dave Pearce (London): Keeping an eye out at St Pauls.
Dave Pearce (London): Thinking Fountain: Klaus Weber
Seán Noel O'Connell: G-LNDN - McDonnell Douglas MD-900 Explorer -
Darrell Godliman: UK - London - Marble Arch Place 02_flipped_DSC8066
swen paterson: Higher POV
Dimmilan: Sleeping Birds
gerrypopplestone: Mothers and their kids
richardbw9: Kings Rd. 24sep21
gerrypopplestone: Police with Anti-vaxers
gerrypopplestone: Police anti-Vaxer supporters
Images George Rex: Frieze Sculpture / 2021
Leon.vanKemenade: Barbican Stairwell
VolvoTrident: Stagecoach London (15091 LX09AGZ) - Route 472
rafhuggins: ‘The lines that jerk into step do not fit any mold.’ from Midsummer, Pt.I, IX, Derek Walcott. streets of Hackney, London. 7FA054E0-0FF4-41FA-9EFA-CCDE8D18B9CC
@WineAlchemy1: Head Criminal
Dave lang1: 60's Pontiac
Darrell Godliman: UK - London - Marble Arch Place 02_DSC8066
Matt From London: Emma Raducanu
Matt From London: Homeless lives mattress
Matt From London: Equal rights for people with autism
Matt From London: Whitechapel labyrinth 92/270
Matt From London: The Last Supper near Shoreditch Station