cosplay shooter: 2007-09-28 7D 0022##
jungle mama: Combretum constrictum... cluster after cluster of these shimmering red and gold blossoms!
cosplay shooter: 2009-07-09 S9 JB 09958cobjh
Rudy Sempur: Foggy Lokon
jungle mama: Monarch on Milkweed
jungle mama: Sulphur on Sky Vine... Mother Nature's abstract
jungle mama: Hollow Joe-Pye Weed erupts in purple and blue flowers!
jungle mama: Bee explores glorious pink Dwarf Pomegranate blossom with pollen-laden stamens
jungle mama: Inside one of those bright orange Cycad cones!
Del Rosario: Verano
Xindaan: Mühlensee II, Nationalpark Müritz, Germany
Habub3: Achensee Austria
Rudy Sempur: Smoke On The Water
albatros11 (Samir Bzk): Wintery landscape Algeria
Kenneth Cole Schneider: Great Blue Heron Catches Cichlid 20090528
Nick Kenrick.: Victoria Inner Harbour
Del Rosario: Orto Crepuscular
janruss: Winter Wonderland 2
sεαη: ~ crawling upclose ~
njk1951: Sunshine in My Pocket
Rudy Sempur: Sun Goes Down On Milky Way (3)
cosplay shooter: 2007-10-28 7D 0004##
號獃 H.D: 八里-挖仔尾-3
Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi: Winter afternoon
jungle mama: Beautyberry leaves and clusters glisten in sun's first rays after rain
John the Neath: Autumn Blaise
njk1951: Ladybug Joyride