vazek2007: Multicolor descent in the subway.
Meteorry: 28/52 Frankey's Cube
davidrbr: Armillary sphere
mikeyashworth: British Railways - Cathcart Electric Control Centre - Glasgow Blue Trains symbol, 1960s
mikeyashworth: London Underground London Bridge tube station. c1920
Donuts_ADN: Old, Supernew, New
sds70: 20200611_084044
sds70: 20200611_090101
sds70: 20200611_074130
sds70: 20200611_084011
mikeyashworth: North Wembley station, c1950
mikeyashworth: A quiet moment in Metroland - Rayners Lane Underground station eastbound platform and signal cabin, c1960
mikeyashworth: London Underground London Bridge tube station. c1930
Wagsy Wheeler: Town Hall tram stop, Birmingham city centre
vazek2007: Between two spaces.
Donuts_ADN: Lil old babies
chausson bs: N 440-33 0308
mikeyashworth: A London Transport relic - Holborn station, 2014
vazek2007: Ascent into the void. One on the escalator.
vazek2007: In the subway.
SkorpioEvo: #3 иєяι™
Andy Ziegler: Paris Métropolitain. Saint-Michel Station.
mikeyashworth: London Transport "Bill Stickers will be prosecuted" enamel sign
mikeyashworth: London Transport "Standard Signs Manual" c1938 - train description boards, Surface Stock
mikeyashworth: A little known London Underground station re-naming, 2009
vazek2007: The escalator moves up. Emptiness and only a subway employee is watching what is happening.
mikeyashworth: LU track recording train in Ealing Broadway station, District line platforms, 1 June 2010
Donuts_ADN: Find the good way in the middle ❤
vazek2007: Stay at home.
mikeyashworth: Holborn (Kingsway) disused platform