''Shoot The Moment'': Zebra Crossing
''Shoot The Moment'': she shoots straight at me
tanitzergh: Cercando il bello....
tanitzergh: Giocando in monocromatico... Moi, illuminante
Phancurio: Moments (2)
Roland de Gouvenain: After the hurricane - composition no. 9
jonwaz: Oooooooh!
KristieMicheleArt: To be seen fully behind ones flesh and loved anyway, that is magic
Focale Photography: 20191002_111435_FB
bfour.cecilia: Last Summer on that bridge Dreaming to get away
kostavita: Strange portrait_2 / Παράξενο πορτραίτο_2
paulavf: Colaboración
paulavf: Martín
Giles Alexander Johnson: Existential crisis
Gareth Wonfor (TempusVolat): Canon EOS 60D - B&W - Lisa on the beach - Summer 2019
antonio•merini: A picture never gets old
gro57074@bigpond.net.au: seven million wonders
gro57074@bigpond.net.au: passionate and insightful
Kev Byrne 1971: Gambolling Rabbits and Rutting Stags