paulcore8118: Touch Ups
paulcore8118: The Emperor & Empress
sugar-leg: saw you in my dream...
*Jost49* (±Off): Le tour du rempart.
MMR15D: Here Comes the Bride #6
Wolfgang Bazer: Dark Beauty (2)
elnina999: Spotted on the commuter train...
*Jost49* (±Off): La Belle Époque.
Mike Worley Photos: Only the shadow knows
rolfruessmann: Autobahn
michaelwilliams58: Rotterdam Station
michaelwilliams58: Boating elegance
michaelwilliams58: Looking for something
michaelwilliams58: Concentrate
rockoretardo: DSC03678
Only_314K: Heartbeat
Leon.vanKemenade: Berlin - Oranienstrasse apartment building
PIXXELGAMES - Robert Krenker: The Wind before the rain...
MMR15D: Big Day Preparation
mswan777: Via Piave, Genga
rocketheo: XT3X1041
o altan: this july
London Lights: Babyface
Dirk Broddin: Grenoble Bistrot