Serendigity: A Wave Breaks
woolyboy: Witch's Cave.
Ines Seidel: connecting news faces
eagle1effi: Blaues Fachwerkhaus in Wertheim. Smalte.
Entropía radiante: Macul, Chile.
hedshot: Elemental #152: Solstice - Norwegian woods, Bergens Fjellstrekninger
hedshot: Elemental #146: Door in Sky
hedshot: Elemental Miami Series #8: Live
ashabot: Descending cloud - Lisbon Portugal
eagle1effi: Ultra Weitwinkel aka 13 mm. Photopedia SAMSUNG S10 Smartphone 2019. Datenblatt. Specs.
hedshot: Elemental #150: Glowing spores emerged from the tear (The view south-west towards the Cuba from Sandspur Beach, Bahia Honda Key)
Felicia Brenning: Wingardium Leviosa
hedshot: Elemental Miami Series #14: This Story
Al Meilan: Islamorada Sunset 101
Al Meilan: Dragonfly 2
Entropía radiante: University of Concepción.
Entropía radiante: The micro world is always waiting for you. Don't mess with it.
bernawy hugues kossi huo: Lumen Dei....Purifying the alchemist's body into transparent virgin... alignment (the inner straightness)...a deliberate act of no longer stopping the light....liberating the light confined in matter, the alchemists were endeavoring to redeem the spirit
ashabot: Number 13
woolyboy: Standing in the sun
woolyboy: Infinity
woolyboy: Going round the bend
woolyboy: Engine driver
woolyboy: Depth.
Entropía radiante: The rainy path ahead.
El-Branden Brazil: Our Gorilla Cousin Trapped In Ueno Zoo