eigi11: chill den tag
hwicker: clean dog awesomeness
ellenc995: 8/12B ~ "Sleepyhead Riley"
John McCuen Photography: Ruggles, my B&W Westie
LILI 296...: Les amis
canyonlights.net: DSC01584-Serenade
canyonlights.net: DSC01581-Lily-with-Leaf
LILI 296...: Confidence
hwicker: true bed-head
Deirdre Gregg: Lake District August 2020
Deirdre Gregg: Lake District August 2020
bazzadarambler: Is this far enough away?
Artybee: Yum yum
mswan777: Passing Time
DUCKAG: Nash Sépia.
DUCKAG: Ness & Nash Sépia.
_Plamen_: Toby
LILI 296...: Kayak sur la Vézère
John McCuen Photography: Lifeguard Ruggels takes a break...
bazzadarambler: Yes, we are enjoying our holiday, thanks for asking.
ellenc995: 7/12B ~ Riley, the hunter!
mswan777: Belle, in her safe space - Explore
LILI 296...: Fait trop chaud, j'en peux plus...
hwicker: a soggy rainy day on the East Coast
hwicker: A very windy thunderstorm; Daisy might blow away!
ellenc995: 7/12A ~ Riley, After Grooming
jwfuqua-photography: Crazy Days of Summer Past
bazzadarambler: 'Personally I find nothing wrong with rolling in cow manure' ...