mstrellish: Dallas
yuanxizhou: civitavecchia- Italy
galterrashulc: House of the Livonian Noble Corporation
skumroffe: Bedarön
fotosforfun2: Autumn reflected
xtaros: The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County Monochrome, Architecture, Cabin In The Woods, Durham City, County Durham, England.
irio.jyske: The old town,,clothes drying
xtaros: Lifeguard Hut
jlg.iso: IMG_1682
Bangui59: Photos ;-))
fotosforfun2: Waverley Abbey
irio.jyske: Stone speps
JeffReuben: Varick St. rowhouses, JC
Rackelh: Atlas's Tipple
Bernhardt Franz: Stadtwerke
fotosforfun2: Nature reflected
Bernhardt Franz: Prinzipalmarkt
Rackelh: Up Close To A Grain Elevator
jeffergray: The Abbey of Batalha, Portugal (1388 - 1438, with later additions) - the Capela Mor, or chief chapel in the apse, with 16th century stained glass
Rackelh: Grain Elevator & Old Roundhouse Track
ya69er: DSC00752
fotosforfun2: Waverley Abbey
faun070: Memphis '19 Attic Room, Swarthmoor Manor, Swarthmoor, Cumbria, England.
faun070: Memphis '19