mrgraphic2: Lincoln Zephyr tail light
EveryBodiesDeadDave: Old Cast Iron Street Lamp
EveryBodiesDeadDave: Machine Lamp 💡
German Vogel: Street lamp silhouetted against hot Sun and orange sky
mrgraphic2: Interesting Ceiling Lighting
Nathan_Arrington: Voice of Reason 478
Somersaulting Giraffe: In the stillness of the night
mrgraphic2: Ticket Booth
EveryBodiesDeadDave: Emergency Bulkhead Light IP65
mrgraphic2: 1956 Chevy tail lights
kris.notaro: Creepy Horse Merry-Go-Round
mrgraphic2: Sizzler carnival ride
mrgraphic2: Broken Lighthouse
anescient: lostayst
mrgraphic2: Old Latern
mrgraphic2: Marijuana Ceiling Fan
mrgraphic2: Antique Street Lamp
ricko: 5 at Night
Teja*: Hyperspace
EveryBodiesDeadDave: Bright Tech Dot Matrix
mrgraphic2: Small airport tower light
Dennis Crain: Blue light bulb
tsuruta yosuke: 飯山駅 - Iiyama Station
Nicholas Lucien: 1961 Cadillac Gunsight 5
tsuruta yosuke: IMGP1932
mrgraphic2: Colorful Lamp
tsuruta yosuke: Shinkansen 700
tsuruta yosuke: IMGP1875