Manhattan Girl: your absence just feels raw & I'm failing to find my balance. SK
Muse poétique: Secret garden
яσχααηє♛MISS V♛ FRANCE 2018: ► ﹌Beach heart ...◄﹌
irio.jyske: The old log house,,,still going strong.
яσχααηє♛MISS V♛ FRANCE 2018: ► ﹌Swim adventure ...◄﹌
jean Bart 17: pivoine-3
Manhattan Girl: On this day exactly 4 years ago.
Muse poétique: “Qui aime la rose aime l'épine.”
Manhattan Girl: enjoying every second, because moments are precious these days, now more than ever.
Nathalie_Désirée: Deep Purple April
Muse poétique: "Il est six heures au clocher de l'église. Dans le square les fleurs poétisent..."
Manhattan Girl: I looked at you in wonder today...
Nathalie_Désirée: Sky in Spring
Manhattan Girl: Sunset from the William Vale Hotel 2018.
Manhattan Girl: remembering happier times...
sampaio: Bike
Nathalie_Désirée: Soft Serenade
Manhattan Girl: in living color
Nathalie_Désirée: Summer Serenade
Nathalie_Désirée: Breaking through the clouds - oh, sunny days
Nathalie_Désirée: Colors of the Rainbow
Nathalie_Désirée: A piece of Paradise
Nathalie_Désirée: Serenade in the Sky
Nathalie_Désirée: Flower of the Night
Nathalie_Désirée: Good Morning World
Nathalie_Désirée: Lotos of Spring
Manhattan Girl: dancing in the orange fluorescent lights
Manhattan Girl: skyline as seen from the east river.
Nathalie_Désirée: Open your heart and follow your dreams