Ahmed Albaqer احمد الباقـر: cat portraits ... و للقطط بورتريه أيــضـاً
pcrozier22: Summer Days “Just gone fishing”
pcrozier22: Johnson Canyon, Banff Alberta
ferlomu: Francia 20190823 016 Buenos días
eagle1effi: Blaues Fachwerkhaus in Wertheim. Smalte.
Paraiso007: Das Kind im Manne
grannie annie taggs: Wreckage or art?
grannie annie taggs: Reflections of a barber
grannie annie taggs: I.m on my way
grannie annie taggs: getting instructions
grannie annie taggs: A wry smile
grannie annie taggs: Who are you looking at?
Wiske68: Fluffy Day
eagle1effi: Ultra Weitwinkel aka 13 mm. Photopedia SAMSUNG S10 Smartphone 2019. Datenblatt. Specs.
retiredNpoor: for Todd--you will ride the range again(please read poem below)
mandalaybus: Happiness
retiredNpoor: "Sir..may I play house with your daughter?"
ferlomu: Cáceres -valle Jerte -rosas_2
CaptSpaulding: The Hike
CaptSpaulding: The Hike
CaptSpaulding: The Hike
CaptSpaulding: Cloudy Day
CaptSpaulding: Cloudy Day
CaptSpaulding: Cloudy Day
ferlomu: Almazán (Soria) 12 río Duero
oscartian547: Only the Creator Takes Pity on This Mankind
oscartian547: God's Will for Mankind Will Never Change
retiredNpoor: reflections on a Southern summer eve
ferlomu: Escalerilla de Los Ciegos 20190607_123552
oscartian547: The Fate of Humanity and the Fate of the Universe Are Inseparable From the Creator’s Sovereignty