Leica M10 50mm Noctilux version 4 f2.0
Hector Corpus: Solitary, Santander
tommykoktebel: He Can! Canon)))2
Hector Corpus: Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France
Hector Corpus: Manhattan
Click a world: Athens at Night
tommykoktebel: Way Out
tommykoktebel: Stone to throw
tommykoktebel: Heavy Clouds...No Rain
Hector Corpus: A dog among men
tommykoktebel: DSCN8925
tommykoktebel: Guns and Stones
Hector Corpus: Art lover
tommykoktebel: Icecream for Daddy
tomk-p1959: Flasche leer...
Hector Corpus: Lisbon airport
tommykoktebel: Kara Dag mount.+ Koktebel bay
Hector Corpus: Family trait
tommykoktebel: DSCN9429
Hector Corpus: Zoo Santillana del Mar, Cantabria
Hector Corpus: Herminio
nightmareck: Gdańsk
tommykoktebel: IMGP2301
tommykoktebel: DSCN9049