The Other Perspective: Raining Pigeons
Yesteryear-Automotive: Morning feed.
allanchard64: Look Mum, no hands. Wood Pigeons making the most of a break in the weather.
Dan Ross Artist: City pigeons
Dan Ross Artist: Get ya strut on
Yesteryear-Automotive: Dad & Lucky.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Squeek. Portrait.
jamesricher: _MG_0764a
jamesricher: _MG_0760a
jamesricher: _MG_0718a
jamesricher: _MG_0651a
James_Preece: Common Bronzewing
fugle: Rock Pigeon (Columba livia)
Sonia Papillon: Saint-Etienne - Les pigeons
Yesteryear-Automotive: "Double Decker". Special Treat Time for Muppet & Squeek.
the.haggishunter: What's happening in here then ?
the.haggishunter: On the roof with Dad.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: Wonder what the kids are up to ?
SebastianBerlin: Weiße Tauben
tjb7735: Woodpigeon feeding
the.haggishunter: Mum Muppet caring for her three week old baby.
The.Backyard.Photographer.: On a mission....
the.haggishunter: Three weeks old with one foot in the grit dish.